They say preparation is 90% of success. But you can't prepare for the unexpected. 

Particularly in presentations, which most of us have to do on a regular basis. Whether it is pitching to a new client, proposing a new business idea, reporting back to your boss or sharing your insight at a meet up.

We can do is prepare a recovery strategy. It's worth having a few things in your back pocket if you face an situation where things don't go exactly to plan. It's possible to make an impact even if you've had to improvise a little.

1. Keep your composure. This will let everyone know that's okay, and not a big deal (even if it is!)

2. Try a little humour. This will diffuse the situation and keep the energy levels high.

3. Acknowledge what's happened and let your audience know.

4. Make the best of the situation. You never know what opportunities could arise from it.

5. Don't apologise. Things go wrong and that's okay. Pick yourself up and carry on.

President Obama handles it very well in the video in the below article. 

Who knows sometimes a little error can make you all that more memorable and actually work in your favour.