When the words Content Marketing arise in conversation, minds instantly go to blogs or at a stretch, social media. But we need to make sure we aren't overlooking more visual forms of content which ultimately add variety and increase engagement.

That's not to say you should be flinging out infographics left right and centre in the vain attempt to increase clicks. 

There are 2 crucial steps to getting started with your content strategy...

Persona Research

I won't go into it too much, particularly as there's a post covering it here but you shouldn't be basing your content on assumptions when it comes to topics and format. Send a survey out to your database, and follow up with a willing few to delve a little deeper. Part of this research will involve finding out how your audience prefers to consume content. If they are particularly visual, you may want to increase video and infographic production and scale down on long form blog posts.

Content Workshop

Get all levels of the business involved (from directors to customer facing) in a discussion to look at the pain points of your customers and what you could be producing to aid the buyers journey. Doing this at the start of your strategy planning also means that you can plan your content in advance and won't be wasting time sat thinking of what to create next. Get the ideas flowing, get them all into one place and then work through them to form a balanced approach to content creation.

Infographics may be a great visual break from the huge levels of text we are confronted with, but a) do you have a good enough idea for one, with the data to back it up and b) is it actually the right thing to do? Only research and company-wide discussion will tell. 

Implemented the above and still, no improvement? HubSpot Health Check assesses the effectiveness of your efforts, and how you can improve on these.