A great whiteboard Friday from Rand over at Moz this week, addressing the problem many businesses struggle with - landing pages which are getting visits, but just don't seem to be converting.

The solution is really quite simple - ask your audience what's missing!

As we all focus more on the customer and their strong position of power in the buyer's journey, we need to be involving their opinions in our marketing efforts. It's those that matter, after all.

Take time to interview prospects and customers alike, to gain some insight into their objections. Actually, this doesn't need to just apply to landing pages. Sent out an email which you thought was great but it just didn't get any clicks? Ask why! 

We need to get over this habit of assuming what people want, and start rooting our efforts in reality. If there's something big stopping your marketing from being fully effective, you need to know. The best part is, that many people will actually feel pleased that you're taking the time to ask their opinion to enhance their experience. 

The HubSpot Health Check  is a great tool to also look at why your marketing is not performing as well as you'd like. Giving a fresh, objective, and data driven account on the performance of your strategy. 

Raising your profile as a business that actually listens can only be a good thing.