Having a great mentor is not limited to those in employment, but to anyone looking to succeed.

There have been many times where I've realised that I could have better decisions had I known what I do now.  Whilst experience and learning the hard way is at times necessary, having had a good mentor to help guide you would have been invaluable.

The world is changing at such a rapid pace, finding a mentor that is right for you and your business, who recognises how fast things are changing will be a challenge but taking the time to find one will be rewarding.  

There are so many coaches and mentors out there, is this about finding the right one and paying huge sums for this guidance?  I'm not sure but the one thing I do know is that they need to be intrinsically motivated to help you.  They are doing it because they believe in you, not because you are just paying them.  

I'm not looking to double my business this year, but triple it. I'm off to find a good mentor, any offers or recommendations?