Good news picked from the economic rubble. Small and Medium businesses are finally kicking back at bad payers.

There's no point in working with a huge company just because they are huge, especially if they are lousy payers. The relationship often turns sour and the desire to work together effectively breaks down really quickly.

If you want to grow, you need to it in a sustainable manner. You can grow really fast and take on massive amounts of work, so long as you are getting paid as agreed.

Much of our motivation to help our clients is intrinsic - in that we love helping them. The extrinsic factors (that we get paid money for doing so) is the supporting condition that allows us to love working with them, not the motivating factor.

We've developed our own model that securely gets payment issues out of the way and off the table for the majority of the time. When it does come to the table, it's planned and discussed and agreed upon, then put back out of the way again.

This is one of the best news stories I've seen lately, and gives me real hope that the rotten bad payers soon won't be able to abuse their smaller suppliers at all.