Let's take a moment to go back to that statistic: 90% of marketing deliverables (i.e. leads) are not used by sales. That's something we need to put an end to.

The Salesforce infographic in the article below from Social Media Today highlights just how much of a missed opportunity it is if your business is not involving Sales in its content marketing... and why it could be costing you customers.

The customer is firmly in control here, and with 70% of consumers preferring articles instead of ads to get to know a company, it's clear that content marketing is actually one of the most important aspects of the Sales toolbox.

By aligning Marketing and Sales, you're not only making it far more likely that the leads will get followed up, but you're actually increasing your chance of success.

3 things to implement today, in order to get started:

- Get your sales team involved in content creation. Whether it's interviewing them on the pain points of customers, asking their opinions on what content would be useful or even getting them to write articles... they know the customer inside out from daily conversations. That's gold when it comes to creating relevant content.

- Encourage everyone across the business, including Sales, to share content on social media. If 78.6% of sales people who use social media outperform those who aren't.  As your biggest brand ambassadors, it's clear that involving them in your content marketing effectively is a must.

- Open up those conversations between Marketing and Sales. I spoke here about making sure that there's an effective process for passing over leads, but also ensuring a constant line of communication to keep improving and learning so that you can ultimately see better results.

Take a look at the infographic in the article below to see more great stats. You can also see a post I wrote about how Sales needs to change in order to keep up with the changing buyer's journey here.