It might be that your Sales people can't qualify, you have an ineffective or nonexistent sales process or your sales managers can't coach effectively.  

Either way if you are looking for growth and acquiring new customers you must check out your sales qualification process.

If you are not qualifying effectively, you have resources wasted chasing around prospects that have no clear fit, no budget, authority etc......  How much is that going to cost your business.  It slows your growth, costs you money and potentially damages your brand, service and product.

Sales qualification should be clearly defined as part a documented sales process, as should marketing qualified opportunities. 

Marketing and Sales then become accountable for following the defined process.  Feeding back to each other to refine the process so that more qualified opportunities and leads are pulled into the funnel.

Check out the 8 reasons why Pete Caputa from HubSpot says your sales qualification process is broken and how you can fix it.

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