The usefulness of email has been debated for years. Research suggests email has a counter productive effect on work as it constantly draws us out and distracts us from important tasks.

But at the same time many of us see email as a necessity. I like having a paper trial of my work, it helps me ensure that all aspects of a project can be covered or allocated to the right people quickly.

Slack offers an alternative to email, not a replacement. If used right, it can save a lot of back and forth emails and give us some of our time back.

But at the same time if used ineffectively it will just be a forum for employees to chat, send emojis etc. at work. Leading to potentially a lot of wasted time.

Personally I think if you can manage your email semi-effectively, then Slack could help you out. But it does require you to reply quite quickly, and perhaps encouraging multi-tasking this way?

Everyone operates differently, you have to find the way the suits you. If Slack is the answer for you, that's great news.