Last night was the much anticipated Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos were victorious (24:10) against the Carolina Panthers.

As a marketer I was very much looking forward to seeing which adverts would be showcased during the game (and of course the fabulous half time show. Beyonce.)

The light hearted route seemed to be favoured by most brands, with a strong focus on comedy, rather than sending a deeper message through their adverts.

And what was Mountain Dew trying to do there? #PuppyMonkeyBaby was unexpected to say the least, but it was the second top Super Bowl advert (CNBC).  Perhaps the slightly strange aspect will work in Mountain Dew's favour and get people talking.

Many of these adverts had been seen before, so the big reveal and build up was actually a bit disappointing. Should the big brands have waited? Would that have increased engagement?

One brand which did not advertise during the game, but was involved in the pre game was Esurance. They took the view that many of us don't just watch TV, we use multiple devices and different platforms. Their strategy reflected this and they ended up being one of the most talked about brands during the Super Bowl.