Measurement is perhaps the most important aspect of a marketing strategy. Without it, it is impossible to see how well you are doing, and how you can improve in the future because you have no measure of success installed.

Are views, click through rates and social media interaction good measures? For some campaigns yes. But perhaps the emotional association customers have with a brand is better measurement?

There are new emotion tracking technologies which are testing how reliable this is as a measure.It can be used to pre-test products and services to gauge reactions.

Sounds like having an emotion tracking device would be a useful bit of kit, but at the same time human beings have many layers so it can't be possible to get the emotion right and market accordingly every time. As marketer we have to trust our gut and creativity, but I suppose some guidance wouldn't go a miss.

I'm rather eager to see what emotion I am perceived as having and what offers I get as a result. And whether that has any impact on my buying decisions.