The BBC have a great article here highlighting the findings from a research study by Childwise, that shows the acceleration in changes in kid's consumption of content.

This is in line with what we are seeing with the success of inbound marketing with our clients, that increasingly we are all becoming more active in our choices of what we watch and read online.

We shun advertising by switching from broadcast TV to recorded, catch-up, and Netflix, and we are spending more time online than before.

What does this mean for businesses that rely on advertising and marketing to bring in new customers?

It means a radical rethink is necessary. If we want people to buy, we might need to stop selling and start helping instead. Marketing content needs to respond to searches for help.

Your marketing needs to be engaging for the prospect and help them solve a problem, before they can choose to start their buying journey with you.

It's clear from reports like this, that the next generation of consumers, employees, and business leaders have no interest in advertising or traditional marketing.