With a bit of common sense and a little knowledge, you can protect your business, your family and your home from many security threats.

Sadly, that common sense and little knowledge are in short supply. Take a look at this article, and in particular the IoT search engine that allows you to find vulnerable webcams in offices, homes, classrooms, even kids bedrooms.

Cheap webcams and other IoT devices are flooding the market, and there is no value for the vendor in securing them.

We as consumers don't want to think about security, we'd much prefer the easy access, instant gratification, and low prices.

The smart people are at it too. A recent research report into the major education providers in the UK, showed they are twice as concerned with providing access to their networks than they are in securing them.

The amount of ways your online security can be breached is truly frightening, but a little knowledge goes a long way.