As you become more successful in your business or career path, you will find networking more and more of a challenge.  You may find yourself inundated with people reaching out to you, but are they the right people?  You may find you reach out to your target prospects with no avail, as you cannot cut through the noise they are receiving from people reaching out to them.

The Inbound Marketing movement is proven, we know how to attract, convert, close and create referrers online, can we do it for ourselves in the real world?

How can we attract successful people to want to reach out to us?  

I am in most situations a very confident business owner, put me in a room of people I don't know to network and I'm a 5 year old girl on her first day of school.  

Why?  I can pitch anything but myself.  I know I am not alone, I know lot's of other successful people that struggle. 

Could Inbound Networking be the answer to reinvent my own and others networking capabilities? 

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