Your company has big aspirations of growth, and as a result business development is the word of the moment. But are you actually implementing changes and strategy at all levels to ensure this? 

A 'ground up' approach is the only way to ensure a connected, joined up strategy for growth which will truly see results. 

Don't leave business development to the sales team, it really does need to start with the marketing.

Despite being published in 2012, this article comes back to the essence of business development, looking at the way it not only provides long term value to the company, but gives you an insight into your audience and creates relationships to underpin your success.

If your website and marketing strategy don't reflect the overall company message and aims then you really are holding back your success.

Luckily, we've got a free 4 Step Marketing Health Check to help you to take a look at what you're currently doing, tips on what to do next and ultimately, a strategy to help align marketing with that overall business development.

Review your marketing now and kick start your business development.

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