Taste and smell will double date with visual and audio marketing, as sensory experiences are set to become big this year.

Perhaps the draw of taste and smell is that it is much more difficult to replicate at home. Home cinemas are not uncommon. But films where you can smell the freshly baked cake or the burning tyres on the road? Not so easy to do.

Consumers are prepared to pay for the experience, as we have seen in the music industry. Artists who give performances and/or go on tour tend to more money than those who don't. Why? Because you can't replicate Beyonce in your living room. It's not the same.

Cinemas are trying to further the sensory experience too. Milton Keynes has opened a 4D cinema, with rocking seats and smells related to the plot to follow, adding to the already highly visual and audio cinema experience promotes. 

It's exciting to see what the marketing of 2016 will smell and taste like..