I'm thinking a lot about the power of referrals right now, and how you can help your network to introduce you to people who need what you do.

Using the right words to describe who you help, rather than what you do, could be a lot more important in helping you receive more recommendations.

For example, we want to help tech companies that are planning for growth, and have questions about how they can find new prospects and turn them into customers.

If you got the words, 'help', 'tech', 'growth' and 'new customers' from that, then that message worked.

If I said we were an Inbound Marketing agency, HubSpot Gold Partner, who works with IT Channel companies, then you'll probably take away a different set of words that will probably not help you introduce us to anyone.

Here's 3 things you can do to hone your referral message:

1 - What words can you use to describe who you help? 

2- How will your 'introducers' identify who they are?

3 - Is your message easy to remember and say to someone else?

Image credit: infographica - I have a Dream - Data Visualisation.