A few of my friends say they have a dessert stomach: one that stays empty so they have room for pudding (OK, one of those people is actually me). But I'm not sure I've got room for Peach.

In case you haven't come across it, Peach is a semi-private message feed that includes magic words which let you do things like draw, search for GIFs, and show off how many steps you've taken.

So it's basically a less private Slack. With search, drawing and cake. The thing is, there's already something like Slack. It's Slack. There's already something that lets you draw on your photos and send them to a feed of your friends: WhatsApp. You can already throw sheep at people on Facebook, if not cake, but as far as I can see people stop using that a few years ago. It's difficult to see where there's space for yet another messaging app. The conclusion of their review seems to show the guys at Wired have a similar opinion.

A cynical part of me thinks that this is a bit like Vine with Twitter or Foursquare with Facebook. It's not actually a very good social platform itself but it is a very good feature to sell to a social platform in 18 months.

Now for some cake.