It's the first Monday of the New Year and many of us are now armed with an arsenal of personal resolutions for 2016. But have you taken a moment to consider your resolutions for the workplace?

Aiming to keep more up to date, getting your business mobile optimised, writing more... make sure 9-5 you doesn't skip out on making some positive changes.

The tricky part is definitely going to be sticking to said resolutions by the time we get to mid-January. Easiest way? Make sure your resolutions are SMART.

Let's recap...

Specific - Too broad a resolution will end up too vague, and ultimately forgotten.

Measurable - Hold yourself accountable by making sure you can see the benefit of your resolutions. A specific number of blog posts per month or a colleague questioning you on a topic on a certain date will keep you on track.

Attainable - Don't set yourself up for a fall. I'm not saying make your aims too easy, but don't make them entirely ridiculous - that will just give you an excuse to give up.

Relevant - These are business focussed resolutions, so make sure they're actually relevant for your business, as well as you. Done well, resolutions should be aiding your work and make sense.

Timely - Set yourself a date to assess your progress, or target yourself on a monthly basis to really keep your resolutions here and now rather than something you dreamt up in January and promptly forgot.

So there you go, take a few moment today to write down your resolutions for the workplace (writing them down is a must if you want to stick to them) and push yourself to succeed at them in 2016.