It's inevitable that there will be a significant amount of Apple watches and Fitbits around the Christmas tree this year, but will we still be using them to the same extent come Easter?

Not too many years ago I remember saying 'our phone will be in our watches soon', and now that's kind of become a reality. Forgive me for a lack of enthusiasm. 

Yes, the Apple Watches are getting us standing when we've been sitting too long, and are making it easier to track our daily activity but are they really on the way to replacing phones yet? Probably not. After all, you still need a phone for it to work. And if you're an Apple fan with all the kit, then your phone, Mac, watch and iPad all pinging every time you get a message is probably the most distracting thing. Ever. How will we ever get work done without turning off notifications?

I have no doubt that this will change in the not so distant future as they develop and we'll all be laughing at the days when we held a piece of technology to our ears but on the flip side, i'm really not confident it's the best thing for our health.

Tracking your steps and keeping fit? Yes, that's great, sign me up. Physically attaching yourself to technology when many of us already have trouble switching off? Not so great.

Not one to be a hypocrit, i'm sure there will come a day when i'm convinced when the technology improves, but for now it's got quite a way to go to go from fad to fundamental.