We're probably all guilty of ordering a 'product in a box' that we really didn't need, at some point. Beauty, snacks... sanitary products. It's all gone a little bit mad out there.

But surely we should be investing in reducing real problems, rather than pandering to those which are more of an inconvenience due to laziness or lack of time?

As the below article goes on to say...

'Last week the Commons science and technology committee warned that without more investment and the adoption of the 3% target, Britain will fall behind its competitors. “The UK risks losing its status as a world leader in research if the Treasury does not make a long-term commitment to increase science funding”'

Are we risking the loss of our status in world leading research partly as a result of the creative, innovative minds out there focussing on frivolity rather than life changing results?

Now that's a problem we really need to get on top of.