Does your sales team want leads that are ready to buy? Are they always looking for the low hanging fruit, the easy sale, the ready buyer, the person at the end of their buying journey with a hand full of cash?

This is at best foolish, and at it's worse it will put them out of a job or your company out of business.

Here's why:

Now that buyers are empowered by the constant free access to information, they engage with sales in broadly three different states:

1 - They know their Problem, and the Solution. This is the traditional 'low hanging fruit'. They are buying, or shopping around for the best price. But Sales have very little influence and struggle to demonstrate any value. This results in accepting downward price pressure, low margins and a high risk of buyers choosing a bad fit and becoming dissatisfied. This can then lead to negative word of mouth, and makes your job much harder in the future.

2 - They don't really understand their Problem yet, so your solution doesn't make sense to them. Every sales person has got a load of these in their pipeline. The long-shot, the slow burner, the tyre-kickers. These are often happy to use up lots of time being courted by sales, safe in the knowledge that they can keep pushing things out into the future because they don't need it yet. These need to be disqualified or adding to a nurturing campaign.

3 - They know and understand their problem, but don't know the solution. These are the best people for your sales team to engage with. Sales can empathise, build rapport and trust through talking through the problem, reassuring them that they've seen this before and know how to help, and then help the buyer design their own proposal.

The Sales team need to understand that it's the types of prospects in this third state, of having painful problems with no clear understanding of the solution, who are the best type of leads for them to receive.

The attached post has 10 great quotes from thought leaders in modern sales. Enjoy and share.